Welcome, and thank you for joining me on this personal adventure of transformation.

For many, our mental health and how we are adapting to the fast and furious changes in our world has become a priority. We feel overwhelmed, stressed and uncertain. This is on top of making a living, supporting our families, and caring for ourselves.

Consider for a moment that every one of us define and shape our lives by what we belief to be true about ourself. These beliefs impact how happy and successful we are in life and how well we’re able to cope with what life throws at us. What we belief about ourself, and how we behave and respond to situations is how we present ourselves to the world and is the difference between thriving and succeeding or struggling and failing.

As impressionable and vulnerable children, we attempted to make sense of our experiences and developed core beliefs about ourselves as we tried to understand and navigate the workings of life with our immature, undeveloped mind. Having no choice and dependent on others for survival, we were vulnerable to teachings and statements that were often interpreted incorrectly.

New situations we encounter now are filtered by these same core beliefs we learned as children and run in the background of our mind and determine how we think, feel, respond and behave to a given situation. Unknown beliefs continue to run our life until we begin the process of exploring and examining what these core beliefs are and how they impact us as adults.

Once our core beliefs are revealed either through conscious practice, meditation or hypnosis, we understand how they affect every decision we make. And the best part, as adults, we can choose to let them go if they’re not working, and install a new, more positive and powerful mindset, that will serve us better in who we are today.

In essence, we give our mind, our internal software system, a reboot and an upgrade, much like our computer works better with updated information and gets stuck with old information.

As a display of how our mind works and what we believe, I’d like you to consider two phrases, I Can and I Can’t. When we say I can, we automatically nod our head yes, it’s a universal response to acceptance. Note how your body feels and what thoughts run through your head when you say yes. No doubt you feel excitement as your body and mind begin thinking of the possibilities that yes insinuates.

When we say I can’t, our head turns side to side, again a universal response to not accepting. The body and mind are not seeking answers as it hasn’t accepted the suggestion and a no response is a block from anything happening, it cuts off possibilities and severely limits the imagination.

This is a simple exercise of how our body and mind work together to run our inner beliefs. We are responding to the idea of can or can’t based on what we feel is available and we can do. By working to discover beliefs that are not working, we then are in a powerful place by be able to choose our response and cope with challenges and experiences, not based on our child beliefs, but those of who we are now.

A belief is only a thought I keep thinking.

I invite you to explore the website and see what’s offered. When we shatter our old beliefs and replace them with powerful, supportive and uplifting beliefs, we change our inner mind, and our life begins to change in incredible ways. Life hasn’t changed, our response to it has.

By breathing a different, more loving, beneficial response into every day and every experience we encounter, we view life from a different perspective. That new lens shapes the creation of an upgraded life, one that we choose to live, not one based on the limited beliefs made by a child version of ourself.

As inspirational speaker Abraham Hicks stated, “A belief is only a thought I keep thinking.” Together, let’s create better thoughts and beliefs about who you really are to see and bring forth all the potential that lies within you.

“Once We Glimpse The Possibility, We Simply Say YES.”

Katharine Woodward Thomas
Calling In the One