Leap into your Fears

The ultimate guide
to gain personal power,
confidence and joy
And slay Fear,
insecurity and doubt

Leap Into Your Fears

This course is about learning strategies and tools to gain personal power, confidence and joy and defeat fear and insecurity. You’ll learn to belief in yourself and your ideas, see possibility rather than despair and begin to create a magnificent life grounded on personal value, love, and compassion with yourself and others.

Leap Into Your Fears is for anyone who wants to learn what and why they’re afraid to behave and do what they want most. In teaches how thoughts, words, and actions determine life experiences, how to move from being a victim to a creator, how to make no-lose decisions, strategies to out-talk the internal chatterbox and create more meaning, love, personal power and confidence in your life and much more.

The training is based on the book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® by Susan Jeffers, PhD., a blockbuster bestseller that has helped millions turn fear into joy. It weaves the teachings of the book with a customized, in-depth training with over 18 hours of presentations, worksheets, and guidance.

The course is divided into 12 lessons each defining a separate concept and learning tools to interrupt automatic thought and action patterns by telling yourself new stories and truths rather than building your life on past limiting and incorrect thoughts.

Completing the course provides a complete shift in mindset, a new beginning and ignites the fires of possibility!