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FAQs and Tips About the MindBeliefs Audio Courses

The Mind Beliefs courses are a unique audio series created to support those who want to change their existing beliefs about themselves by tapping into the strength, imagination, and receptivity of the subconscious mind.

The audios combine four well-researched transformational strategies to support change - deep mental and physical relaxation, visualization, hypnosis, and affirmations or statements of truth. This unique combination lets you connect with the imaginative, receptive, feeling inner mind to install encouraging, supportive thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

Each course contains two versions. One version is a voice only and the other is a voice with soothing, cocooning music. It is found that some prefer the voice, and others prefer subtle, enveloping background music, so we offer both.

Nothing is needed except for an open mind and willingness to improve or better yourself and an uninterrupted time to listen with a comfortable place for your body to sit or recline. Though you may want to work on several concerns, it is highly recommended that you commit to listening to one MindBeliefs audio concern at a time.