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FAQs and Tips About the MindBeliefs Audio Courses

What are the MindBeliefs audio courses?

The MindBeliefs courses are a unique audio series that was created to support those who want to change their existing beliefs about themselves by tapping into the strength, imagination, and receptivity of the subconscious mind.

The audios combine four well-researched transformational strategies to support transformational change - deep mental and physical relaxation, visualization, hypnosis, and affirmations or statements of truth. This unique combination lets you connect with the imaginative, receptive, feeling inner mind to install encouraging, supportive thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

The audios have two versions that are available for a single price. One version is a voice only and the other is a voice with soothing, cocooning music. It is found that some prefer the voice, and others prefer subtle, enveloping background music, so we’ve chosen to offer both.

Nothing is needed except for an open mind and willingness to improve or better yourself and an uninterrupted time to listen and a comfortable place for your body to sit or recline. Though you may want to work on several concerns at a time, it is highly recommended that you commit to listening to one MindBeliefs audio concern at a time.

What do the MindBeliefs audio courses do?

The MindBeliefs deep relaxation audios can be extremely effective at easy and effortless change as they work on the subconscious which is the level of the mind where inherited beliefs and negative labels and stories we tell ourselves are created and held. In order for change to occur, these beliefs, labels, and stories must be upgraded either at a conscious or subconscious level.

MindBeliefs transformational audios can help rewire and retrain your attitude, mindset, and perspectives toward a given issue or concern through the subconscious level. The audios can reprogram your mind with positive new thoughts and beliefs while you deeply relax and enjoy the soothing tone and positive messages. There are no worksheets to complete, only a new understanding and acceptance of new beliefs and ideas surrounding an issue that you’d like to overcome, reduce or eliminate.

How does the audio course change my beliefs about a concern?

The series was developed with the scientific knowledge that our beliefs and memories are in our subconscious or feeling mind and continually grow, change, and transform. This continuous growth process is called neuroplasticity.

The mind has the ability to reboot and change our thought by developing new neural pathways or ‘highways’. Anytime we learn something new, these highways are built through frequent use and reinforced through repetition of thought or action. When we want to change something about ourselves, we need to consistently think differently as these pathways are built.

This process of changing our behavior and thoughts can be difficult with our active, logical mind as this part of our mind is resistant to change. Our active thinking mind doesn’t feel but uses logic, organization, and structure to work and is resistant to new ideas that potentially threaten its logic. That’s why change at the conscious level can be challenging.

The subconscious part of our mind is receptive to change and new ideas as the resistance to change in our logical, active-thinking mind is bypassed. We are likely to accept a suggestion when given within the subconscious mind. In a state of mind of deep relaxation that accesses the subconscious mind, ideas that no longer work are released, and the mind is open to suggestions and thoughts that benefit us.

Change can occur more easily within the subconscious mind as this is where original beliefs and thoughts are held. With repeated use of the newly developed pathway or highway, the mind eventually stops using the old neural pathway as it is no longer in use and has been replaced with the new, active thought and behavior.

There are a few ways to intentionally enter this emotional subconscious part of our mind - deep relaxation, meditation, or hypnosis. This part of our mind is highly imaginative, emotional, and creative and has no capacity to think, only to feel.

We unintentionally enter this deep relaxing state naturally and several times per day. It’s why we call sitting in front of the TV, zoning out. It feels great, and we no longer have to think. That’s the reason commercials are so enticing. They use the relaxation and zoning out part of our mind that is open and receptive to suggest the need for something, and we’re more likely to respond while zoning out. Others times we access the subconscious is while daydreaming, driving the same route where we no longer need to actively think, and the time between being awake and falling asleep.

What is happening while I’m listening?

The MindBelief audios are to be listened to when you can fully relax, will not be interrupted, and can close your eyes. Because of the nature of these audios, they are not to be used while driving or operating machinery.

As you gently recline and close your eyes, each audio walks you down a set of steps to relax the mental monkey mind, and with each step, suggestions are given to relax a different part of the body and slow down breathing. Once entered into a relaxed mental and physical state, you’re able to connect with the inner part of you known as the subconscious, the part of our mind that houses our emotions and feelings and is receptive to new thoughts.

One of the rules of the human mind is that our emotions and feelings always rule out logic. Essentially, we follow our feelings even if it’s against logic. Logic resides in the active, busy mind and logic can resist change even though we really want it. That’s why it can be challenging to change only through the logical, active mind and it’s easier through the subconscious mind.

As you’re in this deeply, enjoyable, and relaxed frame of mind, the concern is visited and reasons are given as to what the concern looks like and what this issue is costing you and holding you back. At this point, it is suggested that you are letting go and releasing limited beliefs, and the mind is then prepared to listen to and accept, if it so desires, upgraded positive thoughts surrounding the chosen issue.

What type of ideas will I be hearing?

Our minds learn through repetition and reinforcement. Upgraded positive and uplifting suggestions and thoughts of new behavior are repeated in several different ways throughout a 15-20 minute period of each audio. The thoughts are inspirational, motivational, and affirmational and feed the mind positive, new beliefs and behaviors surrounding the issue. These new thoughts are powerful. Our mind loves to hear these positive thoughts and is willing to accept them.

Finally, you’re led through a short visualization as you see and feel yourself being a person without the issue. This is powerful as you place yourself in the scene of your making. Your mind only knows what you tell it, and while you’re in this deep relaxing state, it intensely imagines the new you. This is powerful as you’re feeding your mind images of new thoughts and new pictures.

How will I know it’s working?

As the mind learns by repetition and reinforcement of a new idea, it is recommended that the audio be listened to for at least 21 days each. This provides time for the new ideas to be integrated into the mind and the new neural pathways to be built.

The transformational magic of new positive thoughts that influence how you think and act can be immediate, cumulative, or retroactive. Most people have a combination of the three. You’ll likely feel lighter, more excited, and brighter after listening to the audio. As you continue listening for the minimum recommended 21 days, you’ll soon realize that you are responding differently to the issue than you used to.

It’s important to listen to the audio for at least 21 days. During this time, the mind is developing a neural pathway. As this pathway becomes more active by listening to the audio, the original pathway becomes “disused” and eventually becomes dormant and falls away from disuse.

This transitionary period is called cumulative and happens as the mind is building out the new neural positive belief pathway and the negative, non-productive pathway isn’t getting used as frequently. And finally, after the neural pathway is complete, the new upgraded thoughts become part of you, part of your personality, and you’ll look back and realize that you no longer have the issue because you now think differently about it. This is the final retroactive stage.

If you are working with a life coach or social worker, the MindBeliefs audios are a particularly effective tool to enhance and speed up the change process as these audios help transform the subconscious while coaching uses the conscious thinking mind. Together, whatever you’re working on with your life coach can be done quicker and easier as you can work on the issue from “behind the scenes” as the coach helps you address the issue through reflection, awareness, and adapting to new ideas.

If you really want to change quickly, consider purchasing the corresponding MindTruths audio courses. The MindTruths audios use the transformational affirmations stated in the MindBeliefs audios but work with the conscious mind. Those audios can be used while awake - exercising, walking, or doing chores. The MindTruths can be used separately, though used with the MindBelief audios can bring about quick, easy, and effortless change. The more you listen to either or both, the more you feed your mind great thoughts, and the quicker the new neural pathways can be formed.

Is this right for me?

If you are looking to transform the way you think about things and eliminate or significantly decrease inherited or personal beliefs around a situation or concern, then this transformational, deep, relaxation could be perfect for you. By committing the time to listen to the audio in your daily life, you can be on your way to a better, more satisfying, deeply enjoyable, joyous, and prosperous life.

How do I Gain Access to the Audio?

The access details will be emailed to the email address you provided immediately after purchase. At that point, the audios can be downloaded as an MP3 file or listened to online. Please allow at least 10 minutes to receive the audio in your email.

If you have any additional questions, please let us know by emailing us at info@masterjoyandsuccess.com. We’ll answer your questions as quickly as we’re able to.