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FAQs and Tips About the MindTruths Audio Courses

Mind Truths are based on the fact that we first make our beliefs, and then our beliefs make us. What we believe and tell ourselves creates our reaction, response, and action to everyday events. It’s the culmination of these that defines who we are and the degree of joy, abundance, and success in our lives.

Mind Truths give the mind strong, encouraging, and supportive messages that inspire and act as alternative, positive thoughts about a concern. Our minds work by doing exactly what we tell it to do. By giving your mind great thoughts and feeding it uplifting, positive, motivating thoughts, you’re in the frame of mind to get things done and move forward with your dreams.

There are two audio courses in every Mind Truths course. One course has affirmations or statements of truth that begin with “I”, and the other begins with “You”. Both are provided as some people resonate more with one or the other. Try each and see what feels right for you.