Sometimes we think that that all we want is to disappear, yet all we really want is to be found.


Meaningful connection is formed when we bravely share our truth..

In this uncertain time we are in, connection has been difficult for many of us. Meeting new people, being inspired by new thought, enlightened by new ideas all seem to be slowed down and stagnated as we become disconnected from each other physically and emotionally. Our fear and frustration begins to show as cruelty, rudeness and uncaring becomes more prevalent and more acceptable behavior.

My desire within this space is to explore informal connection with others with short trainings, discussions, meditations, interviews or anything else that resonates with me at the moment. I’m envisioning smaller groups where there is an opportunity to share your perspective and experience. Although the details are still a bit fuzzy, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please email me at with any ideas you may have.