Happy Scene Session

A Happy Scene Session is for you if you want to:

Experience personalized hypnosis

A relaxing, yet invigorating experience

Feel intense joy again from your most beautiful memories

Become comfortable with the hypnosis process

See and feel the special moments and people that shaped your life

What to Expect

Each session is 30 minutes long and is completed on Zoom. You’ll first be introduced to the hypnotic induction with a visualization and then be given a suggestibility test to show just how suggestible your mind is to accepting suggestions. After you’re deeply relaxed, you’ll experience and review three scenes of intense joy and reconnect with the beautiful, loving and happy feelings of the memory. We’ll then move onto how those scenes have shaped who you are today.

This is a unique gift to give yourself or someone else. The experience lets you understand how those beautiful memories led to the things treasured most in your life and showcases the depth of love, joy and beauty has played an important role in connection with what counts most for you.