What is RTT®?
Rapid Transformational Therapy®


Our minds accept and keep old habits as they are familiar, comforting and protect us, and the mind doesn’t feel its necessary to establish new habits as it feels it’s doing its job, unless we decide to interfere with a desire to transform ourself. What happens when we want change? Much of transformation and developing new beliefs is becoming clear about these habitual patterns our mind is running and then replacing these patterns with thoughts with upgraded, more empowering pattern choices.

The process of change with our logical, thinking mind can take effort, time and commitment as our thinking mind is frequently unaware of the root cause of why we do what we do and what is running these old habits. Sometimes, we consciously try so hard to change, yet feel that something is blocking or stopping us, and we can’t name it. That something very often is at the root of the problem.

RTT offers a permanent, customized therapy to discover, understand, establish and replace the old habits that no longer work. It works with the subconscious, feeling mind to uncover the root cause of the problem and upgrades and replaces old thought with new beliefs that are congruent with how we now want to feel and what we want to believe.

The founder of RTT®, Rapid Transformational Therapy®, Marisa Peer, states

“RTT® is so much more than hypnotherapy”.

RTT® is a combination of NLP (neurolinguistic programming), CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) and hypnotherapy. It is not dependent on the depth of hypnosis, whereas traditional hypnotherapy is. Traditional hypnotherapy focuses on relaxation, convincers and suggestions and generally lasts for 60 minutes.

RTT® provides a toolkit of strategies to help clients understand and transform the root cause of the issue. Traditional hypnotherapy is mainly about installing suggestions and there are no tools to uncover the underlying cause of the issue. An RTT® session is generally 90-120 minutes., relaxes the client with a visualization and deepens, and then uses multiple tools to get to, intervene and clear the root cause, then goes on to reframe old beliefs and finishes up with a customized 15-20 transformation and recording. The recording is then given to the client to listen to for 21 days or more to reinforce and repeat the new positive beliefs.

The actual session has changed thoughts, feelings and beliefs of the issue, yet the client must participate in their full transformation by listening to the custom recording for 21 days. This is the icing on the cake that traditional hypnotherapy does not have. As the mind learns by repetition and reinforcement, this relaxing, yet invigorating recording wires in, fires in, and codes in the new beliefs surrounding the issue. Without this recording with consistent reinforced, positive beliefs, the subconscious mind tends to revert back to its original thought and beliefs as the new neural pathway of thought has not been completed. The subconscious can see and feel the change, yet needs repetition to complete the circuit. It can be compared to a road that has been partially roughed out yet not connected to the main road. The framework of the new road has been laid out, yet without the consistent work, the road will not be completed.

Change with RTT® can often be completed in one session, though two or possible three may sometimes be needed. The purpose of transformation with RTT® is to restore the power of choice to your life. Explore the many areas that RTT® can transform current subconscious thought and behavior into something that can vastly improve your life quickly, painlessly, and permanently.

Hypnotherapy Session includes:

  • 15 minute FREE discovery call via Telehealth, a secure video call
  • Intake Consultation form, additional forms as necessary for the issue
  • “Preparing for a Successful Session” prerecorded guidance audio to listen to prior to session to get feel comfortable in deep relaxation
  • 2-hour hypnotherapy session including intake consultation via Telehealth, a secure video call service
  • 15-20 minute customized transformational recording with deep relaxation
  • Follow up emails
  • Post-session counseling call if required

It all begins with a free 15-minute discovery call.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

- Socrates