10 Things That Require No Talent

Often, we become hung up on the idea that we need a specific talent to get ahead. Here are 10 things we can do that require no talent. Each one on their own supports the completion of our goals, used together they are a dynamic set of principles that all successful people have and create an appearance and mindset of success, confidence, and personal power.

  1. Be On Time – When we’re on time for a meeting, work, or our family, we show respect for ourselves as well as others’ time. Being late sets a negative tone and is a habit. Break it now, and no apology again will ever be needed.
  2. Work Ethic – By showing up every day, prepared to be our best, we create value, significance, and purpose in our life. Working hard shows a strength of character and gives us the opportunity to create a purposeful, prosperous life and provides our minds and bodies with nourishment.
  3. Give Effort – Effort can be entwined with work ethic or used on its own. Effort means expending some energy and time doing something meaningful to us and is rewarded with a positive benefit in our life. Putting forth effort creates results. Where there is no personal effort, there are no results.
  4. Be Conscious of Body Language – Our body language is our view of us to the world without words. The best body language to put in place is a smile. A smile radiates joy and can instantly break down barriers. A study of basic body language is helpful to any of us to understand the frame of mind someone is in by observation only.
  5. Have Energy – Our personal energy is what we expend on a task or activity in terms of stamina, or vigor. We have three types of energy, emotional, physical, and intellectual. Our emotional energy level can be perceived by others and others respond to us accordingly. Keeping our energy high allows us to be productive and fully engaged in our life.
  6. Attitude – Attitude is everything. Attitude is the way we perceive, think, or feel about a situation or our circumstances. Our attitude determines how we respond or react, and it’s the response or reaction that gives us the result in our life. Having a great attitude gives great results, likewise, a poor attitude leaves little room for a good life.
  7. Passion – Passion is a strong personal like or desire for something. When we have passion, we are exhibiting our preferences for what we enjoy, want, or advocate for. Bringing passion into what we do allows us to feel purposeful and true to who we are and share our loves with others.
  8. Be Coachable – None of us know everything. Being coachable is showing a willingness to do something different or a desire to learn from another. When we’re coachable, we’re open to new ideas, growth, and improvement.
  9. Do Extra – Every little bit of extra that we do, gets us to our goals faster. Doing extra lets us feel great about ourselves and flexes our strength, fortitude, and courage muscles.
  10. Be Prepared – A huge amount of success is in preparation. Preparing is setting ourselves up for knowing the possibilities or eventual things that may happen. Being aware of what may happen and having some idea as to our response, allows us to feel confident going into unknown or unsure territory. Preparation makes the unknown familiar and comfortable and is one of the key ingredients of personal and financial success.
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