Terri O’Brien is a strong, courageous, independent woman pursuing a dream that is taking shape to be filled. Having navigated bankruptcy, three work layoffs, a broken engagement, a high-risk pregnancy with a three-month bedbound hospital stay, two divorces, and a bout of depression, she knows a thing or two about despair, fear, overwhelm, and doubt. She is a survivor with an unshakeable belief that she will succeed. After overcoming multiple limiting beliefs including a lack of confidence and feelings of imposter syndrome, credibility, trusting herself, and self-doubt, she made a pact with herself of no more fear.

After her challenging hospital stay, delivering healthy and full-term twins, she told herself that if she could survive that, she could do anything. It was the anything that was a new challenge. Just what did she want to do? Not committed in any direction, years later she took a course in self-development that was a turning point as she now understood it was all up to her how her life was created. Although the course was pivotal, it was many more years before she would do anything about it. With the desire to work for herself in an online business supporting others to succeed and prosper, in 2013 she purchased the domain name, Master Joy and Success and studied online and affiliate marketing not sure where the path was taking her.

With a love of research and a deep interest in personal growth, human prosperity, the mindset of failure and accomplishment, and alternative medicine, she became certified as an aromatherapist, educator, hypnotherapist, and Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway facilitator, and logged thousands of hours reading and studying personal and spiritual growth.

She believes that experiencing losing and loss and overcoming adversity is a true advantage, as it provides unique insight and familiarity with a problem and the solution comes from personal learning. The struggles can also provide purpose and direction to life. Today, her previous experiences, interests, and personal struggles paved the way for her to learn, share and teach powerful and valuable information that comes from the heart and from living it.

With the launching of Master Joy and Success, she brought together her passions, her experiences, and her knowledge to a single place to share her ideas, learnings, and teachings. Understanding that anxiety, depression, and stress can be the result of not being able to cope, not feeling enough, and consistently seeing the world from a gray lens, she set out to use her knowledge and experience to create affordable courses to help people change they think so they can change the results of their daily life.

Taking the holistic approach and combining her love of research, personal development, and the way our mind works, she created courses that focus on the reasons for the negative results in life, reasons that often accompany rather anxiety, depression, or stress. At the core of her business is the belief that we create our life by the reaction or response to neutral situations and although we cannot control situations, we always have a choice as to how we respond or react to them. By changing our response, or telling ourselves a better story, one of personal power, confidence, and faith, we get a different result and change the direction and focus of our life.

She’s excited, invigorated, and immensely thankful for her rocky, adventurous journey and is looking forward with much anticipation to this long-awaited next chapter, sharing expertise and experience, making new connections, and giving direction and a new life to anyone who is ready and willing to accept vibrant change into their life.