Terri O’Brien is a strong, courageous, independent woman pursuing a dream that is taking shape to be filled. Not quite an expert, she is a survivor with unshakeable belief that she will succeed. After overcoming multiple limiting beliefs including lack of confidence and feelings of imposter syndrome, credibility, trusting herself and self-doubt, she made a pact with herself of no more fear. She believes that experiencing losing and loss and overcoming adversity is a true advantage, as it provides unique insight and familiarity with a problem and the solution comes from personal learnings. In this way, she’s capable of sharing powerful and valuable information that comes from the heart and from living it.

She is the creator of the online course, Leap Into Your Fears, founder and creative collaborator for, a certified Aromatherapist and Aromatherapist Educator, a certified Facilitator for the Fear the Fear and Do It Anyway® program and proudly certified as an Rapid Transformational (RTT®) practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist.

You can look forward to seeing more from her on her blog, and she hopes to be adding a forum, a monthly subscription service, and is in the process of developing hypnotic visualization recordings with complementary affirmations recordings, a series of journaling prompts called Quotable Wisdoms, and who knows what else might come down! She’s excited, invigorated and immensely thankful for her rocky, adventurous journey and is looking forward with much anticipation this long awaited next chapter.