Audio Courses


  • Grow to the level you want by changing the words and images you tell yourself consciously and subconsciously
  • Improve your ability to handle any situation and move through concerns with power, energy, and love
  • Turn limited thinking into vast possibility, overwhelm into action, and engage new behaviors and thought

About the Audio Courses

Imagine listening to words that have such an impact that they can change your perspective, your mindset, and your attitude.

That’s what our audio courses do. These courses are good for anyone seeking to improve their mind and their current life. We’ve developed separate course series for the active, conscious mind, the feeling, the subconscious mind, and the mind and body together. The courses are meant to activate and excite the mind with new thoughts, upgrade existing beliefs to beliefs that work for you, relax the mind, and destress the body.

Explore the three categories below and choose what’s best for you at this time.

Transform the Active Mind

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  • Excite the mind with upbeat, supportive statements and behaviors to motivate and energize your mind
  • Listen to any time of day – driving, doing chores, exercising
  • Feel exhilarated with a can-do attitude

Transform the Feeling Mind

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  • Change inherited and restrictive belief patterns and behaviors using deep relaxation, visualization, release of unsupportive thought
  • Live your life with power, vision, and focus to recapture lost dreams and go after new goals

Transform the Body and Mind

Woman meditating in traditional pose with cute dog.
  • Boost and improve your health and your inner mind
  • Become aware of negative, unsupportive thoughts and gently release them
  • Practice calm, present and personal control

What People Are Saying

I have a 4-year degree in psychology, a 60-credit master's in Social Work, and an advanced degree in Behavior Analysis, and I could not have done such an awesome job writing the scripts and narratives. Nice work!”

Laurie A.

Waterford, CT

Just listened to both the MindBeliefs and MindTruths sessions of Release Fear and Activate Power, and they are both really excellent!

After using both, I woke up feeling much less anxiety, and then listened to the MindTruths this morning to get myself energized. So good!

Cindy P.

Fairfax, VA

I am loving listening to the MindTruths, Overcome and Embrace Uncertainty.

Just listened to it for the second time before leaving for an event, but it’s exactly what I needed to hear! Inspires me and pumps me up!

Joanna M.

Centereach, NY