Leap into your Fears

The ultimate guide
to gain personal power,
confidence and joy
And slay Fear,
insecurity and doubt

Leap Into Your Fears

Join Terri O’Brien, a certified Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® facilitator, to learn strategies and tools to gain personal power, confidence, and joy and defeat fear and insecurity. You’ll learn to believe in and value yourself and your ideas, see possibility rather than despair, and begin to create a magnificent life grounded on personal value, love, and compassion with yourself and others.

Leap Into Your Fears is for anyone who wants to learn what and why they’re afraid to behave and move through, around, or over fear to do what they want most. It teaches how thoughts, words, and actions determine life experiences, how to move from being a victim to a creator, how to make no-lose decisions, strategies to out-talk the internal chatterbox and create more meaning, love, personal power and confidence in your life and much more.

The training is loosely based on the strategies and concepts in the book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® by Susan Jeffers, PhD., a blockbuster bestseller that has helped millions turn fear into joy. The course weaves the teachings of the book with a customized, in-depth training with over 14 hours of presentations, worksheets, and guidance.

The course is divided into 12 lessons each defining a separate concept and learning tools to interrupt automatic thought and action patterns by telling yourself new stories and truths rather than building your life on past limiting and incorrect thoughts.

Completing the course provides a complete shift in mindset, a new beginning and ignites the fires of possibility!

Leap Into Your Fears

Learn to lean into your fears to master joy and success, gain personal power and confidence and slay fear, insecurity and doubt.

Hello there –

I’m excited that you’re considering diving into a reflection of who you are and what hidden fears and beliefs may be running your life.

Learning about ourselves is the most noble learning of all. It demands and requires us to be willing to understand the fear and beliefs that run our dramas and to have the absolute willingness to confront and let go of these fears and beliefs knowing all will be OK.

This willingness opens the door to become the authority of our life and supports us to make better choices for a better, vastly improved life. Our life can always be a work in progress. Who we were in the past, and who we are now, has little to do with who we can become in the future, Yes, the past and present shape us, yet they don’t define us, and we can choose to reshape us in the direction of who and what we envision at anytime.

Only we define our future, and we can begin whenever we choose. When we stimulate our imagination with new thought and possibility, when we give it new instructions, we get a different and incredibly better outcome. The sky is truly the limit to our potential, and the seeds of our potential are within each of us!

It’s up to you to correct the soil to let these seeds sprout. I congratulate you for wanting to take the time and energy to make a positive change in your life and look forward to having you be a part of our community.

I’d like to start off by asking some questions. Take a few moments to ask think about each one.

What If you Could Soar and Fly Where Your Dreams Take You?

Each of us has secret hopes, desires, and dreams that we feel will not see the light and get stuffed down within us. Why? It’s often we don’t feel confident enough, significant enough, credible enough, or that we can’t see ourselves providing value to another’s life or we we feel that those dreams are just not for people like us, or many others reasons. Think for a moment on a dream or desire that you have that is within you but you haven’t taken any action on yet. Would you like to take a first step?


“Never agree to crawl if you want to soar. “ Helen Keller

What if you had the courage to take a single step towards what you really want?

You see someone that makes things look so effortless, and perhaps you think, I could never do that. In our our society, what’s often overlooked is the years of effort and commitment behind the scenes of success. Each successful person has confronted struggle and defeat, yet chose to continue to move forward with courage and tenacity to follow their dream. Every person that fulfills their dream started with a spark of an idea, and the courage to take that first step and to become a beginner. What would your first step be?


“Even the greatest was once a beginner“ Muhammed Ali

What if you had more confidence, more self-assuredness, and felt truly loveable and loved every day of your life?

Confidence, self assuredness, these personal traits are the secret ingredients to thriving. Yet, for many of us these traits seem out of reach as we consistently downplay our skills and abilities. Confidence is the outer shell of our loving ourself, and appreciating what we have, knowing we have valuable ideas and gifts to offer others. When we love ourself, we have immense, quiet power to be the confident conductor of our life. Think for a moment, are you confidently living the the way you want, and are you able to freely give and receive love?


“A loving heart is the truest wisdom. “ Charles Dickens

What if you knew that you are good enough just like you are with all the seeds of your magnificence within you?

Buried deep within each of us are the seeds of expansion, joy, desire and love. Sometimes our thoughts and behaviors don’t allows these seeds to take hold because we don’t feel good or valued enough and have been taught to downplay our talents and brilliance. Each of us on this planet are unique, with unique experiences and gifts. No two are identical, yet often we follow the tension of daily life rather than jump into what brings us joy. What dream, what desire within you is living buried on the surface just waiting to spring forth?


“You are already the magnificence you seek.“ Gail Lynne Goodwin

What if you had more trust and satisfaction with who you are, the decisions you make and what you have?

Trusting ourself is a learned behavior. In this day and age of social media, and instant connection with others beliefs and ways of thinking, we often believe others opinions or perspectives of who we are rather than trusting what we know is instinctively what’s best for us. When we lead our life and make decisions doing what we feel is right for us at the moment, we feel satisfied and content as we don’t allow others judgments to rule our behavior. In what ways could you be allowing others beliefs to influence your life?


“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live. “ Goethe

What if you knew you could cope with anything that came your way?

Painful situations are part our life’s experiences. By the time we get to a certain age, most of us have experienced death, bad relationships, disease, financial setbacks, and feeling generally unfortunate. Without the pain, though, we could not feel the joy as it’s only in the yin and yang experience that we appreciate the goodness and beauty of life. Our fondest memories are the happy moments, yet how we respond to the toughest times define us. How would you feel if you could make the most challenging times moments of expansive personal growth?


“The pain passes, but the beauty remains.” Auguste Renoir

What if you could quickly and easily access your internal powerhouse whenever you wanted?

Buried within us, is the ability and intuition to handle anything gracefully and with a desire to make us better humans. We all see misfortune come upon others, though many of us turn a blind eye and hope that someone else will handle. By offering our powerhouse of love, understanding and kindness, we can bring about change to someone else’s life if they will allow. When we use our voice to help another, we feel satisfaction and a deep appreciation of purpose. What hopeful message would you like to give to someone today?


“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.“ Malala

What if you believed everything in life is available to you, and that there is enough for everyone, including you?

When we feel that things are not available to us due to our status in life, our finances, or how we look, we’re not confident and don’t look to better ourselves. Everything is available to all of us, what’s most important is what we would like our life to look like and know that we can have it. A desire within our imagination, sparks an interest,, a desire. That desire creates a new path for us and is always available. If we feel it right for us, small actions and commitment can make it real. How would you feel if you believed you could have your desire?


“Desire is the proof of availability.“ Robert Collier

And finally, what if you knew the keys to turn anger into love, indecision into action, and fear into personal power?

Sometimes, we can get bogged down in anger, indecision and fear and let these negative emotions become the driver of our daily life. It can be challenging to get out of the hole of despair, yet when we wallow in that hole, we give our power to others. Personal power is living in our higher self, knowing what’s best for us, making decisions using intuitive guidance, and confronting and leaning into fears as opportunities to grow rather than stagnate. What might your life look like if you choose to take the emotional high road?


“Personal power is the ability to take action. “ Anthony Robbins

Leap Into Your Fears
Is A Program to Master How You Respond to Situations and Life


Throughout the course, words, thoughts and actions are reviewed from the perspective of moving from a position of pain and fear to one of personal power and higher self thinking. It is for anyone who seeks to better themselves and develop an understanding as to how best to reach their inner potential by increasing personal power and confidence while defeating fear, negativity, and doubt.

We all experience fear. Learn how to decrease fear based behaviors and increase power-based decisions, behaviors and responses and make win-win decisions by tapping into your greatest gifts, your personal power and intuition of knowing what is right for you at any time. The difference between a mediocre life and a great life is how we respond and handle fears such as rejection, hurt, jealousy, envy, not being enough, perfectionism, procrastination and many others.

Our belief system is only as good as what we’ve installed or choose to believe, and we have the opportunity to upgrade this system at any time we choose. Improving yourself is a step by step process, and only you can take the first step.

Invest in You

Throughout our life, many of us invest our time and energy in bettering our family, our employees, our colleagues, yet leave the growth of ourselves last. Perhaps, you’ve tried to change or transform, but the effort was not wholehearted and you went back to doing what you’ve always done.

If you’re concerned that you’re missing out on living your life on your terms and creating more love, satisfaction and joy, then any time that you could spend learning about yourself yields invaluable lessons. Negative programming is just that, it’s programming and patterned behaviors. You’re in the right place to learn simple strategies to help you retrain and reprogram your mind.

When we invest in ourself and take the time to understand what’s behind our programming, it’s easier to change as we’re able to stop, review and respond differently. This different response enables us to get a different response from others, one better suited to our needs that eventually helps us be better parents, partners, employees/employers and friends.

The quality of our lives depends on what we believe is available to us and what restrictions or limitations we place on ourselves. Sometimes we label ourselves and put ourselves in a smothering box due what we perceive are our limits. Other times, we become uncomfortable with pushing ourselves beyond what we know and can imagine.

The program, Leap Into Your Fears, is for you if —

  • You know there’s more to you that what you’ve shown and you’re ready to conquer fear and self-doubt

  • You are ready to stop making excuses and want to learn how to liberate your mind and be secure in prioritizing your life by what’s important to you.

  • You want to learn how to have phenomenal coping skills and be excited and empower about the future.

  • You ready to live worry-free, be inspired and more creative and focus on making a better, more joyous life for you, your family and your community.

  • You crave new focused growth to bring more vitality, optimism, confidence and determination into your life.

Some of the sabotaging behaviors and solutions you’ll learn more about are in this course are –

  • Why we procrastinate and what you can do to stop it
  • What excuses are you telling yourself and how to stop making them
  • The reasons we find it so difficult to make a decision and how to make a win-win decision
  • Learning when to say “no” and what always to say “yes” to
  • Why focusing on negative thoughts brings more of the same and strategies to stop
  • Fear of success is a real thing and is a pattern we’ve learned – it can be unlearned
  • When we wait for perfection, nothing gets done. Learn why this is and how to change it
    … and so much more.

I’m excited to share “Leap Into Your Fears” so you can explore and unlock the bottled-up value, unlimited potential, and love within you. When you discover the unique value and gifts that are within you and unleash these, you experience your best life, begin living your true potential, and live your life from the emotional high road.

“Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out.”

- Karl Augustus Menninger
Renowned Psychiatrist and Mental Health Practitioner

How Leap Into Your Fears will Impact Your Life

After listening to the course, participating and scheduling time to complete the worksheets and work through the exercises, there will be a new you, a different you, one that thinks differently and feels different about their approach and daily thought and take on life.

The new you will be happier, feel more powerful and in control of yourself, know who you are, be more upbeat and accepting, and be more loving and kind to yourself. The new you will embrace fear as part of life, and you’ll feel confident that you can handle and easily overcome any fears you face.

You’ll learn strategies to shift your thinking and simple techniques to reshape your life in these areas -

  • number-gbdeb501d2_1920

    Conquer fear and self-doubt once and for all

  • number-ge4dacaa0f_1920

    Understand and overcome limiting beliefs and behavior

  • number-gb8fe7e402_1920

    Develop the mindset to cope with life’s small and big challenges

  • number-g3a3046231_1920

    Make decisions to improve your life

  • number-gfe667c704_1920

    Create positive energy and joy every day

  • number-gaf8a1be04_1920

    Develop the confidence and move past fear

  • number-gb691a4902_1920

    When to say “YES” to all life offers

  • number-g646f9ca85_1920

    Trust yourself and think clearly

  • number-gd523d3571_1920

    How to tap into your personal power


Online, Anytime Learning

  • 12 lessons plus an introduction
  • Each lesson follows a lesson in the book
  • Complete exercises, absorb and integrate new ideas at your own pace
  • Online learning on any type of device
  • Available whenever you’re available

Program Format

  • Read a chapter from book “Fear the Fear and Do It Anyway®” (purchased separately)
  • Listen and watch presentations
  • Complete worksheets to reinforce teachings
  • Write in a journal to reflect on ideas and learnings
  • Immediately practice and put into action new ideas

The Leap Into Your Fears Curriculum

  • S

    Introduction: Opening The Door

    In this lesson, we’ll uncover:

    • The idea of simply accepting fear as a fact of life, not a barrier to success
    • Explore the concept that fear is the cause of every problem we have
  • 1

    Lesson 1: What Are You Of … And Why?

    This lesson focuses on the fact that we all have fears, it’s how we address our fears that
    determine how our life unfolds. You’ll be introduced to the following ideas -

    • Doing our best with what we have and know - we don’t know what it is we don’t know
    • Become aware of our thoughts, actions and what surrounds you
    • Admit to what’s not working in your life and why
    • Common fears that we all share
    • Learning about the level 1 fears that happen to us and require us to do something
    • Learning about the level 2 fears that are created by our ego
    • The single level 3 fear that is at the core of all fears
  • 2

    Lesson 2: Can’t You Make It Go Away?

    In this lesson, you’ll learn the five fear truths and how to apply them to everyday life. You’ll also learn -

    • What the fear barrier is and how it feeds to our faulty thinking
    • How fear and personal growth fit together
    • Ways to stretch our capabilities to address fear
    • The concept of doing must be done before fear goes away
    • Fear will always be a part of our life
    • Everyone feels fear
  • 3

    Lesson 3: Move From Pain to Power

    This lesson focuses on the idea that to learn to handle fear, we must be willing to move from a position of pain to one of power. It also includes –

    • Understanding how we hold our fear
    • The concept that self-love and self-power are partners working together
    • Addressing the victim mentality and why it’s lethal in our relationships and careers
    • Importance of being responsible for our thoughts, words and actions
    • How we’re Influenced by the use of labels and why it’s best to avoid them
    • Becoming aware of how words and how they drive our actions and power
  • 4

    Lesson 4: Whether You Want It Or Not, It’s Yours . . .

    This lesson focuses on how not be a victim and accepting responsibility for your behavior and actions. It also includes -

    • How we play the role of victim and strategies to change that
    • The idea that we only have control of ourself, not others, not situations
    • Living with not blaming ourself or others for what we need to handle
    • Learning to be aware of the ways that we’re not being responsible
    • Learning to handle the chatterbox within each of us
    • Why we continue to do certain behaviors even though we know they don’t work
    • Knowing there are always choices and being aware of what those are
  • 5

    Lesson 5: Pollyanna Rides Again

    This lesson goes into depth about appropriate positive thinking, realistic and unrealistic thinking, ideas for turning negativity around and much more. In this lesson, you’ll learn -

    • How to think positively, why we resist it and why it’s important for our vitality
    • What is the difference between realistic vs. unrealistic thinking
    • Understanding weak and strong words and how they make us feel
    • Learning many ways to turn around negative and cycling thoughts
    • Plan a commitment and practice exercise program
  • 6

    Lesson 6: When They Don’t Want You to Grow

    In this lesson, you’ll learn tips to handle your new growth and how to have inspirational and supportive cheerleaders by your side. This lesson also includes -

    • The transformation from the old you and the new you and what to expect
    • How your influential and support system can help or hinder your growth
    • As you change your ways, you’ll naturally be drawn to a new group of supportive people
    • How to initiate new friendships and adapt existing relationships to the updated you
    • Learning about the pendulum syndrome and how it impacts change
    • Making a commitment to choose the path of growth
  • 7

    Lesson 7: How To Make a No-Lose Decision

    This lesson teaches the five steps to making a no-lose decision and what to do and not do after making a decision. In this lesson, you’ll learn -

    • The idea that not making a decision is still making a decision
    • Reasons why we feel we make a wrong decision and what not to do
    • How to shift your thinking into understanding that all decisions have learnings
    • What is the no-win vs the no-lose decision making model and the differences between them
    • What are the thoughts and behaviors to have before and after the no-lose decision
  • 8

    Lesson 8: How Whole Is Your Whole Life

    This lesson includes addressing the many areas of our life and the ideas of dependency, interdependency and independency. These areas include -

    • Why dependency in a relationship, work and children can be limiting
    • Alternate ways to handle despair, emptiness and doubt
    • Learning about a whole life grid and creating one that works for you
    • How commitment, perseverance and persistence pay off in getting you what you want
    • Aligning and matching our actions to those of how we visual our life to be
    • Learn about the concept of the “Magic Duo” to improve each area in your life
  • 9

    Lesson 9: Just Nod Your Head – Say “YES”

    In this lesson, you’ll learn how to find opportunity, value and passion by saying “yes” to whatever life hands you. This lesson also includes -

    • Understanding the concept of letting go of resistant to let in possibility
    • Why a positive attitude and mindset makes things happen and a negative one won’t
    • Reminder that pain and goodbyes are part of of a rich, fulfilling life
    • Delving into the idea that the richer your life, the more pain and loss you’ll experience
    • The process of saying no to a situation and yes to possibility
    • Training yourself to be patient and be aware of everything of yours responses and actions
  • 10

    Lesson 10: Choosing Love & Trust

    In this lesson, you’ll receive guidance and direction to embrace your higher self, show and feel your personal power, and ways to deliver intuition. You’ll also learn -

    • Begin being open and flexible to a “full-filled” life and stop accepting mediocre
    • Ways to correct your direction so you’re headed on the path you want
    • Revealing the higher self from a spiritual influence
    • Learn about the simple model of being open, fulfilled and spiritual
    • Accepting of universal energy, finding your intuitive self and deep connection
    • How the feeling of happiness is a choice that is always available
  • 11

    Lesson 11: Filling the Inner Void

    In this lesson, you’ll receive guidance and direction to embrace your higher self, show and feel your personal power, and ways to deliver intuition. You’ll also learn -

    • Begin being open and flexible to a “full-filled” life and stop accepting mediocre
    • Ways to correct your direction so you’re headed on the path you want
    • Revealing the higher self from a spiritual influence
    • Learn about the simple model of being open, fulfilled and spiritual
    • Accepting of universal energy, finding your intuitive self and deep connection
    • How the feeling of happiness is a choice that is always available
  • 12

    Lesson 12: There is Plenty of Time

    This lesson is about learning to stop and smell the roses, to be open to allowing yourself to be patient in creating the life you want. Included in this lesson -

    • Learn to stay on course while making tweaks and adjustments as necessary
    • How to give yourself permission to be patient
    • Begin to master the life practice of self-love, higher self living and wonder
    • Learn patience and to not get discourages if things don’t happen in your timeframe
    • Walk with a new joy of personal discovery and curiosity
    • Start to trust yourself as to what’s right for you
    • Learn to say ”YES” to life to live it fully with no regrets

Living With Fear and Doubt Is . . .


Energy Draining

Filled with Negative Feelings



Here’s What You’ll Receive

  • 12 presentations plus the introduction that teach the concepts and strategies of the book Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway®
  • A 71-page downloadable workbook with diagrams, tools, and worksheets
  • 12 presentations of new thought, behaviors and affirmations
  • Access to the self-paced training to complete whenever you wish
  • One page lesson summary and exercises in PDF format
  • Bonus presentations and exercises for several lessons

What is the Cost?

for immediate access

No Risk

You’ll get to experience the introduction and the first 3 chapters of this self-paced training for a 30 day period.

If during the first 30 days, you decide this just isn’t for you, contact us, and you’ll receive an immediate refund.

We know the value of this program and want you to believe in it also.


Not Sure If This Course Is For You? Take the 2 Minute Quiz

  • Change unsettles me
  • I do not like upsetting people
  • I struggle to put myself first
  • I want to have increased self-esteem
  • I want to trust myself and others more
  • I want to make my dreams a reality
  • I struggle to make decisions
  • I want to sleep better and worry less
  • I do not like confronting difficult situations
  • I struggle to say ‘No’
  • I want to be more assertive
  • I do not like to admit I am wrong
  • I want to live with value and meaning
  • I want to be happier and smile more
  • I need to find a healthy balance in my life
  • I want to feel better about myself

Did you check more than 7 boxes? If you did, this course will be a great benefit to unlock and unleash your peak potential and learn to live fearlessly.

Turn the Impossible to Possible

Leap into your fears to master joy and success, gain personal power and confidence and slay fear, insecurity and doubt.

If You’re Ready To Soar and...

  • Turn indecision and procrastination into action
  • Grab hold of your fears and move forward
  • Become more confident and assured
  • Create a life full of power, energy and joy
  • Live the way you want to live
  • Improve ability to handle any situation

then register for the Leap Into Your Fears course. I congratulate you for wanting to take the time and energy to make a positive change in your life and look forward to having you be part of our community!

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“Leap Into Your Fears”

The Ultimate Guide to Gain Personal Power, Confidence and Joy and Slay Fear, Insecurity and Doubt

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