6 F’s to Live By

This musing is inspired by a personal article of someone who had recently remarried in her 60’s. She said she lives her life by 5 principles, I’ve added a 6th.

Each is perfect on its own, practiced in combination, they lead to a beautiful, fulfilled and fun-loving life at any age. One of the best things of taking advice from the older generation, is that they’ve often seen and lived it all, and now come from a place of living life from joy, love and prosperity. And that’s what we’re here for, aren’t we?

  1. Family – The first item on this daily practice is usually at the top of many of our lists. A connection with family, whether that be a family we were born into or one that we created is the first place we often seek comfort. Our family is our go-to for support, love, history. Family brings joy, generational connection, and a group of people who will always be there through thick and thin.


  1. Fun – Life is filled with adventure at every turn. Remaining open and living a daily life with laughter, seeing the funny side of things, and lightening up our day with humor, liveliness, and joy lets us feel light-hearted and more able to cope with everyday stresses. Say yes to an adventure or something that you normally would not do. Life is for living and for experiencing, not for escaping into routine, social media, and TV.


  1. Finance – When our finances are in order, we feel safe and insulated, able to cope to know we can financially handle whatever life brings. Having millions is not required, an emergency fund, a travel fund, and an entertainment fund to cover the unseen and the experiences we want to have is enough. When our finances are in order, we no longer have to be concerned or stressed about money.


  1. Friends – Where would we be without friends? Friends often let us be the real us, provide us with emotional support and stand up for us. Friends are our chosen social network and having a few close friends makes the world more intimate, more joyful and more connected. Don’t forget the strength and support of furry friends. Sometimes, their unconditional love, and sheer desire to please and have fun are all we need to rejuvenate.


  1. Fitness – Exercise, whether it be formal or online classes or walking, kayaking, riding a bike, moving our body lets us feel our best and is as important as using our mind. Being outside invites the glory and calmness of the outdoors and connects with beauty. Staying on a fitness program can keep us healthy and lets us enjoy our life. Health is not to be taken lightly, when we’re unhealthy, our focus can stay on feeling bad. By maintaining our health with daily exercise, we can focus our energy and thought on going after what we want for ourselves.


  1. Faith – Faith can be part of a religious or spiritual practice or at its roots, is a unshakeable conviction and confidence in our ability to do what is needed and what we set out to do. Faith is blindly knowing that if we pursue our dreams and goals one step at a time, what we want will eventually be ours. When we have faith in ourselves and our capabilities, we can muster up the courage and strength to handle anything.


Begin to incorporate the 6 F’s as part of your daily living, and soon you’ll find that you’ll be living your life to the fullest.

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