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16 Principles for a Brilliant Life

16 Principles for A Brilliant Life

Don’t Wait for Someone to Invite You to Create Your Best Life. Take charge - There’s no time like the present to begin.

About the 16 Principles for a Brilliant Life eBook

Many of us wait quietly and patiently until something changes or something comes to us. We feel if we simply think about what we want that somehow we’ll get it, or we wait to be discovered, or wait to feel good enough or credible enough or think if it’s meant to be, it will come. Life requires active participation, continually moving towards what we want, not hoping and wishing.

The best adventures and most joy and discovery we get from life are when we go after what we want. We feel supercharged, energetic, and accomplished when we bring something we desire to fruition.

The e-book contains information about the 16 principles with several reflection questions for each principle and an exercise to complete that integrates the principles into your life. Becoming aware of your values and passions solidifies where you currently are and more importantly, where you want to be.

Below are the 16 principles that the e-book delves into:

Principle 1: Speak Your Truth
Principle 2: Put Yourself First
Principle 3: Get Moving
Principle 4: Believe In Yourself
Principle 5: Go With the Flow
Principle 6: Develop Your Inner Guide
Principle 7: Gratitude
Principle 8: Be And Stay Committed
Principle 9: Honor Your Uniqueness
Principle 10: The Buck Stops Here
Principle 11: Celebrate Accomplishment
Principle 12: Cultivate Imagination
Principle 13: Notice and Wonder
Principle 15: Be Present
Principle 16: Thoughts Are Our Beliefs


It’s time to get up, get out, start, begin, take a step forward, do, and say yes to possibility! Get your copy today and begin to change your world by sharing your vibrant magnificence.