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The Songbird’s Song


The Songbird’s Song

I woke up this morning to the songbird
Singing her sweet melodies as only she knows how
Perched above the street looking down at the people the cars
But somehow indifferent to all that is below
Like her heart was fully immersed in her song.
As I got out of bed, opened the curtains and let the early morning sun make it ways into my room,
I reveled in the moment.
It was both simple and perfect, two things that often go hand in hand.
And I made my way to the kitchen for that cup of coffee,
I had a thought.
That little songbird out there, she’ll never understand how beautiful she is.
She’ll never know that he made my morning just a little brighter or that she helped lift my spirits after
a less than ideal yesterday.
No, she’s just doing her and in return making a mark on a world that needs what she has to give,
So what?
Well, maybe there’s something we can learn from the songbird as we go about making our way in the
As far as I’m concerned, there have been two great challenges in my life –
Finding my song, and then finding the courage to sing it.
Or perhaps, put another way,
Discovering who you are and then holding on tight in a world that is constantly trying to make you
something else as Emerson said is the greatest accomplishment.
It will always be a challenge to bring our thoughts to life because, well, people tend to only see
what’s place right in front of them.
It’s just not realistic to place tomorrow at someone’s feet.
But here’s the magic.
I don’t think that songbird cares about being realistic.
See, over time, we’ve done quite the dance realty and I.
Life is a tug of war on where to lean and where to pull, what’s worth my time, what’s not, when to
stay and when to go.
It’s a gray area that I’ve had to work through and I know others have as well.
Trying something new, taking a risk, sharing their art with the world.
Going down a path with a high probability of failure.
You know, when maybe we think we’ve found our song and we’re singing and we’re singing but no
one seems to hear.
That’s when the status quo has never looked so tempting, so ideal,
When settling for the easy path has never seemed to appealing.
No, never as appealing as when our songs seem to get lost in the either.
We know how hard it is to give a piece of ourselves to the world.
And it seems odd to get something back.
But you know, I think this is when you must sing with all your heart and soul.
Just list that songbird indifferent to life below the branches of its tree.
Well, so should you be to the factors existing outside the realm of what’s best for you.
It’s not easy to uncover, what makes you feel alive.
And when you do find that – live it, own it, sing it at the top of your lungs.
Because it may seem like it’s falling on deaf ears.
But, you just might be someone else’ songbird,
Oblivious like my feathered friend outside to the beauty you are creating by just being you.
By sharing what means the most to you with a world that whether you realize it or not needs to hear
your song.
So, songbird, sing!
Year, for you, but also for the world.

Spoken by Eddie Pinero on Brave Your World Within - youtube.com

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