Re-program your mind

Learn How To use 17 Mind Rules to get exactly what you want

Re-Program Your Mind

This course teaches you the 17 Rules of the Mind as developed by Marisa Peer, world renowned hypnotherapist, and her cutting edge hypnotherapy technique, RTT®, Rapid Transformational Therapy. You’ll learn how your mind works, why you behave the way you do, and ways to use this knowledge to upgrade your thinking and belief system about who you really are.

Expand and understand your behavior and learn new ways and options to interact with yourself, to excite your imagination, and powerfully change brain neural pathways using information about how the mind works. Once you’re aware as to how the mind works and synthetizes information and emotions, you can begin the process to reprogram, retrain and reboot your mind to abruptly change your immediate thinking, create a new mindset, build and develop new behavior into your life.