16 Principles For A Brilliant Life

Don’t Wait for Someone to Invite You to Create Your Best Life. Take charge - There’s no time like the present to begin.

Many of us wait quietly and patiently until something changes or something comes to us. We feel if we simply think about what we want that somehow we’ll get it, or we wait to be discovered, or wait to feel good enough or credible enough, or think if it’s meant to be, it will come. Life requires active participation, continually moving towards what we want, not hoping and wishing. The best adventures and most joy and discovery we get from life is when we go after what we want. We feel supercharged, energetic, and accomplished when we brought something we desire to fruition.




You are the only one that knows what you want to say and how you want to say something. Speak up if you have an opinion, for no one will know what you think unless you do. Speak up and speak out often. The more you do, the more familiar speaking up will become. We’ve each been given a voice to share our opinions, to show others we care, and to speak our mind when something is not right. Yes, it’s difficult at first, but when we don’t speak, the feelings we have simmer and eventually come out at in a way that may not be beneficial or supportive and often hurt us physically and emotionally.



For women especially, this is a difficult concept to wrap our head around. So often, we do everything for our family, and then leave ourselves with the scraps. Imagine, if you put yourself and what you want first. When we prioritize ourself first, we teach our boundaries for others to respect and are able to accomplish what we want. With this feel good energy about ourselves, our giving cup runneth over, and we give freely and willingly of our time and energy. By doing for everyone else first, our personal energy is drained and a feeling of never catching up becomes the norm.



Don’t wait for someone to invite you. Don’t wait for someone to show you the way or the path for you to follow. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission to begin leading the life you want. Your life is yours alone, and you must take the steps needed to get to where you want to be. Get out of your head. Be bold, be engaged, be active, and consistently moving forward towards your goals. Every step you take, no matter how small, is a step closer to where you want to be. When you keep taking steps, that dream must happen.



Perhaps the single most important principle is the non-stop belief that you are capable of making your dreams come true. Every dream starts with a thought. If you can think it, it can be done. A belief mindset can overcome any obstacle or challenge that comes your way. Don’t wait for anything else, you have all you need within you to start today. Personal belief, optimism, and positive thinking are the keys to unlocking doors. When you have these, you bring more of that to you and the cycle perpetuates.



Swimming upstream is exhausting. When you let go of things working out a specific way and are flexible, open and fluid, momentum is created and leaves you with endless opportunities and choice. When you’re open and moving with energy, you’re in the groove and are coming from a place of joy and lightness. This place enables you to see opportunity as there’s no negativity blocking it. Stay open, look for things that may help or support you in your endeavors and go after those possibilities that resonate with you.



Deep within each of us lies a safety net, a mechanism that tells us when we’re headed in the right or wrong direction. Unfortunately, in present society, this mechanism called intuition is not often developed and its red flags go unheeded. By developing this powerful, ancient part of ourselves, we can trust our inner guidance to give us the solutions we need and steer us in the direction that is best for us.



What does gratitude look like? It comes in many forms, from being grateful for the little things in life, like a bed, food to eat, the ability to walk, and a million other things. It’s enjoying and being thankful for what you have and not continually seeing what you don’t. It’s thanking and showing others for the love and joy they bring you. When we open our hearts to gratitude, we let in the entire human experience and see how good our life is. This attitude brings an appreciation for all we have.



If you want something bad enough, you must go after it with heart and mind with an unstoppable, can-do attitude. That’s the vision that motivates. Wishy washy thoughts and little action will not get you to where you want. Staying committed is key to pursuing and completing our dreams and goals. Holding your vision in mind, always apply the 3 P’s - persistence, perspiration and perseverance. Commitment is a promise you make to yourself and following keeping the 3 p’s in mind creates the perfect soil to feed the seeds of reaching the potential you see for yourself.



Our mind and bodies are built for tribal living and connection, yet we must recognize that each of us have been given special gifts, talents and skills. These gifts are what makes us unique and when developed fulfill our feeling of purpose, serenity and accomplishment. If you’re attracted to a certain type of work, idea or craft, ignore the words of others, and follow your inner voice. We innately seek to find this connection as we are designed to be purpose-built. Heed that attraction, honor your uniqueness, and share it with the world. This uniqueness is your core and its there to make your life complete.



Being responsible is accepting responsibility for our responses, our actions and our behaviors. When we’re responsible, we show the world that we are in control of ourself and accept that our actions have consequences. With responsibility comes capability and a deep learning of what works for us and what doesn’t. When we’re responsible and willingly held accountable, others trust us to live by our words and actions.



We all need recognition, appreciation and a pat on the back for following through or doing what we said we would. Don’t wait for others to give this to you. Reward yourself for taking actionable steps towards completing your dreams. Take a walk, write in your journal, visit with a friend, go to a show – create a reward for the great work you’re doing and give yourself something to look forward to and celebrate.



Feeling down? Let your imagination run free and wild! Have a brainstorming session with yourself. What would like look like to you if you follow your vision? Record or write it all down, don’t filter, don’t censor, don’t think. Sometimes the best way to do this is to take a walk or meditate. During this relaxed state, our minds can daydream, and we can get excited about possibility and opportunity. If you can imagine it, you can do it. Humans are the only species on earth that have been given the incredible gift of imagination. It’s how we solve problems, create new products and make the world a better place for us all to connect and live. Imagination brings everything to our mind’s doorstep, but what’s really incredible, is it’s all in our mind waiting to be released. What’s in your imagination??



When we were children, our curiosity was insatiable. We asked hundreds of questions, and wanted to find out more and more. Somewhere during adulthood, many of us became fixed in our ways and forgot about curiosity. Curiosity of our world brings wonder at the many facets of it all that lives in it, wildlife, people, cultures, language, history. When we’re curious, we seek to understand, we seek to know, we begin to notice how much is around us, how diverse we are, yet how much we’re the same. Curiosity breeds wonder and that wonder makes us feel in awe and marvel at what’s available to us.



The principal ingredient of life is love. Love is what makes the world go round, the more love we send out, the more we receive in return. Love comes in all shapes, from the love we give a child, passion for a cause, deep joy of nature, intimate love of a partner, the close friendships, sisterly and brotherly devotion, love for a country, and many more. Listening, sharing, and giving someone your time and energy are all forms of love. We are loving creatures, and when we put ourself aside and show another our love for them, we bring sunshine and joy to that person, and the joy we give another becomes a joy to ourself as well. A simple smile is a sign of love and can bring an immediate sense of love to someone. Go out and show your love to someone today!



In today’s busy world, too many of us focus on the future, about where the money is coming from, about our jobs, about the how’s in our life. What’s need most for our healthy happiness is not looking at the future, but being and appreciating the moment we have. This present moment will never be again. It is a moment in the many moments and days of our lives, yet if we’re not fully present with our mind, it goes unnoticed. If we don’t notice the moment, we can’t enjoy our life and appreciate the fantastic things and people that are presented to us. Being present is about setting aside worry and seeing what’s right in front of you now. It’s taking a deep breath and focusing on the now experience, the feelings, the emotions and the view that’s right in front of you only for a fleeting moment.



This most important principle covers every aspect of our life. Every action begins with a thought, and every thought causes a physical reaction in our body and an emotional feeling. Our thoughts form a blueprint that our mind and body act together to bring into reality. Our mind always matches what we tell it to do, so it’s incredibly critical to tell ourself only good, positive thoughts. Whatever we present to our mind, our mind presents back to us. If it’s positive, thought, then we filter back positive thought. If it’s negative thought, then our mind is looking for the negative in order to make itself right. Our mind does not care whether something is good for us or not, true or not, healthy or unhealthy, it wants to make us happy and give us what we want, so it’s critical to feed our minds with positive, optimistic beliefs. In the end, we make our beliefs by our thoughts, and then our beliefs make and define us.