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Expand Your Life With Self-Imaging

Activate powerful pictures within your inner mind to provide your mind with a blueprint and define exactly what you want

Do you have a clear, defined picture or image of what it is you want and do you review it several times per day?

Our mind loves detailed imagery or pictures of what we want as it gives us a blueprint for opportunities and ideas to say yes to. When we don’t give it pictures, our mind doesn’t know what we want, what our success looks like and opportunities are missed.

This audio replaces unproductive and undefined thoughts with new beliefs that support you to –

  • Visualize a defined image of what you want
  • View things with a positive attitude and mindset
  • Reinforce the image with emotion and feeling
  • Prepare yourself to receive your desire or goal

As you listen to the transformational audio, you’ll develop new beliefs that can help you activate and define positive and clear images of what you want, develop an unshakeable can-do mindset, and attract opportunities that can radically transform your life.

Length of Audio: 39 minutes