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Master Your Self-Discipline Superpower

Activate powerful new beliefs to be more focused, get more done, and gain control over your actions and time by mastering discipline

Do you avoid things you’re supposed to do and waste time doing meaningless activities? Are you unfocused or unmotivated?

When you don’t do what’s needed and find yourself caving into temptations and distractions, your work piles up, and you can feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and angry with yourself.

Discipline is a learned behavior that combines self-control, willpower, and delaying gratification. Replace unproductive and helpless thoughts with new beliefs that support you to –

  • Establish a morning and evening routine
  • Gain control and manage your time, actions, and energy
  • Stay focused, avoid distractions
  • Enjoy the process of ticking things off your list
  • Dig into the hard, challenging work needed to be done
  • Get and stay motivated

As you listen to the transformation audio for 21 days or more, you’ll activate powerful new beliefs that can help you achieve self-control, manage your time, direct your energy, and have the willpower to persevere and delay gratification.

Length of Audio: 33 minutes