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Release Fears and Activate Power

Activate powerful new beliefs to be comfortable with new experiences, accept and address fear with calm, confident action

Do you avoid going after what you really want, shy away from certain experiences, and feel stuck because you’re afraid?

Being afraid to do new things or take on new responsibilities, or feeling that we’re not able to cope with everyday situations, can leave us drained, stressed, and disappointed.

Fear of new things and situations is a state of mind that goes away when we face what we’re afraid of. Replace unproductive and helpless thoughts with new beliefs that support you to –

  • Understand situations are neutral
  • Handle discomfort and fear in a productive way
  • Be powerful and confident in responses to fear
  • Retrain your mind to accept fear as an opportunity
  • Think clearly and act calmly in new situations

As you listen to the upbeat, spirited, and inspirational truths, you’ll activate powerful, supporting new thoughts that can help you create new patterns of behavior towards fearful experiences by changing the way you think about fear.

Length of Audio: 24 minutes