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Rewire Your Money Mindset

Activate powerful new beliefs to upgrade your thinking surrounding being wealthy, having money and faulty inherited beliefs

Do you blow through money, not being able to accumulate money  and sometimes feel like you’re not worthy enough to find and keep money?

Your money blueprint is commonly set when we were very young. You were taught certain beliefs surrounding money, the wealthy and if you were the ”type” of person that could or could not get and hold onto wealth. These beliefs follow you through to adulthood and play a significant role throughout your life as to whether you’ll succeed financially or not.

This audio replaces misguided and inherited thinking with new beliefs that support you to –

  • Prioritize and satisfy your needs, while being empathetic to others
  • Successfully set and maintain boundaries that others respect
  • Share with others what you will and will not do
  • Get things done on your list by saying no to others
  • Draw the line of what behavior you will tolerate and will not tolerate

As you listen to the deeply relaxing transformational audio for 21 days or more, you’ll activate powerful new beliefs that can help you create boundaries, be confident and safe within the boundaries that you’ve set, and feel liberated, confident, and secure in the space that you’ve created for yourself.

Length of Audio: 34 minutes