What I’m Working On – January 2023

I’m excited for the goals that I’m completing this month! This is a month of huge significance for me as I am almost completed with several products to offer my community. I’ve written and recorded over 8 self-hypnosis products and hope to have them available for purchase in the next few weeks.

One of my big goals for my business, Master Joy and Success was to create self-hypnosis audios for others to improve their lives easily and effortlessly. These audios will be about 30 minutes long and are on a huge variety of topics.

The first ones to come out will be about Embracing Uncertainty, Mastering Self-Discipline, Having It All, Releasing Fears and Activating Personal Power, Become Unstoppable, Imaging to Make Things Happen, Eliminating Procrastination, Developing an Undefeatable Mindset, and Playing to Win.

I will be offering these for $29.99 each, and they will be instantly downloadable, available with both background music and without. This has been a dream of mine for so long, and I’m beyond thrilled that I’m almost ready to implement it.

Another product, “Leap Into Your Fears” will also be available shortly. This is my flagship product and is a 12-lesson, 14-plus-hour course that teaches you everything about fear, working with it, overcoming it, and learning to look forward to facing fear as it signifies a huge growth opportunity. The course is complete with worksheets, presentations, and bonuses, a complete package to learn at your own pace.

Stay tuned, as an announcement will be made via email when they are available!

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Terri O'Brien

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