Your Law Of Belief – Is It Really True?

WITH ANY NEW ENDEAVOR, the starting point in making change begins with belief in the idea. Beliefs, both conscious and unconscious, combined with action creates the results we have in our lives. Our minds are capable of accepting only that information which we believe is true. If we believe that we are not able to have or do something, our thought is that we are not worthy to have that desire, and that belief comes true, because our mind wants to be right so it looks for ways to make the belief true.

We can have anything we want simply by eliminating the belief that we cannot have it, and replacing it with the belief that we can. Poverty and wealth are two forms of belief. If we belief that we are prosperous and wealthy or poor and lacking, our purposeful actions, thoughts and behaviors feed the belief we have to support and prove the thought.

What we consider our challenges, are really the outward manifestation of the invisible limiting beliefs in our mind. As children, our early experiences may not have made us feel worthy. We absorbed negative messages about ourselves as truth, and continue to internalize them unquestionably as adults. Each time we ask ourselves, “Is this belief really true?”, we have the remarkable opportunity to invite awareness and truth, and ultimately, create beliefs that allow us to think, act and be the way we want to see ourselves.

Whether the belief is or isn’t true, is not important. Our truth in what we choose to believe eventually fills our world with everything we desire or leaves us grasping for it just outside of our reach.

Exposure to different experiences and knowledge can expand the limitations in our mind as to what we can accomplish, have, and eventually desire. If we believe something about ourselves, our perception of the world is limited by that belief. And whether the belief is true or not, our actions, motivations and ultimately, everything we do and think from that point is clouded by the perception of that thought.

We become what we believe in, and if those beliefs are false and limiting, we are not able to stretch ourselves. We become inflexible with a subconscious need to prove that the belief is right. If however, our belief is such that we can have, can be, and can do anything, our mind then becomes open and seeks opportunities to find a solution to support the belief.

The more that you buy into a belief which controls your external circumstances, the less control you have over the internal power within you. What is real is not your current life, but your ultimate power to change whatever thought you have. By making ourselves aware of our belief and internalizing a new more self-serving and true one, we stretch our subconscious to overlay the old belief with the new one. Eventually, the old one falls away, and we now have a belief which serves us rather than the old one which was created in response to fear, obedience, or a situation that we didn’t know to handle.

We get to decide what we want to believe and how we will respond to a circumstance. This power is liberating as we realize we have the freedom to belief anything we want about ourselves! Once you believe this, the magical part kicks in, and anything in your life becomes possible! The manifestation of the new belief extends into our actions and sets in motion a confidence which introduces a different perspective of a circumstance, and by extension, new opportunities will begin to unfold in all layers of your life.

Be aware and be on purpose, for the two together will make you unstoppable in following your dream.


What belief do you feel is not true about you?
Where does that belief come from?
Why do you continue to believe it?
What belief can you believe that will be true to who you are today?


Try this exercise - Think of something that you believe may be possible, but you doubt will happen. State to yourself the following phrases and become aware of physical sensations and what thoughts you have about the belief –

I can do . . . . . . (think of the chosen belief)
I can’t do . . . . . (think of the chosen belief)

As you become aware of a limiting belief, and are confronted with a belief that doesn’t ring true, reflect as to why you believe it and choose a new, supportive belief to replace it with. The mind learns by repetition, and each time we state a belief, it reinforces the thought either negative or positive, and our mind has no choice but to do belief what we tell it.

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