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7 Ways to Quiet the Chaos

Our inner voice needs calmness and stillness in order to be heard. Here are 7 of the best ways to quiet the mind so that our heartfelt thoughts can rise to the surface.

1. Tap into the natural world – take a short walk or hike, ride a bike, sit on a bench and watch the world go by, or lay down on the soft earth and watch the clouds or stars. Anytime we’re able to sit in nature, we begin to calm our bodies, our mind clears, and we can appreciate and be grateful for the world we live in. Only then do we hear the songbirds, the rustle of the leaves in the wind, the patter of squirrel feet, the squawk of a hawk, and see the movement of the clouds, the falling star, or the. When we’re in this state, our thoughts and bodies slow down. Nature asks nothing of us and is a restorative balm for the mind.

2. Take a 5-minute break, sit still, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Focus on your breath and just be for this short period of time. If anything pops up, simply feel the emotion, let it go, and then go back to the breath. This mindfulness practice relaxes the mind, makes it strong, and taps into the inner emotional part of you. The quietness of the moment gives you a rest and reprieve from the chaos of the day, and you’re in a better place to handle people and situations.

3. We’ve heard this many times, the idea of being present or living in the moment. That means there is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow. You have today and this moment only. This moment, this scene, these emotions, and those around you will never appear this way ago. Breathe this in, settle down, and realize this too shall pass. Commit to getting the most out of each moment of each day, and this leaves room for heartfelt thoughts to bubble up.

4. Begin or end the day with a prayer. Prayer does not need to be religious. It is simply a way to ask for guidance from another source other than ourselves. By asking for this guidance, we put out into the world exactly what we need to help us get to the next step. When we ask, we receive. Once asked, keep your eyes and ears open for feelings, people, or events that come your way. These are the whispers that are being given to you. Only when we are looking for them, will we find them.

5. Take 10-15 minutes a day to practice meditation. Meditation is a type of hypnosis in that it is quieting the mind, and going deeper into ourselves. A daily meditation practice creates the space for the answer to our prayers as we temporarily focus on each thought that comes up. Meditation is not the emptying of the mind but the idea that thought comes in, is quickly reviewed, and then just as quickly released. There is no emotion, just glimpses of thought, and a release. A relaxing meditation often includes music and guided words, this is called a guided meditation and is perfect for the beginner. As you get deeper into meditation, your body naturally relaxes into an alpha hypnotic state. It is here that you tap into the subconscious and the imagination.

6. Set an intention every day to spend some time in quiet solitude doing one or all of the above practices. Pick a time of day that works for you every day, and do it. It may be challenging at first, but stay with it, and eventually, you’ll look forward to this special gift you’ve given yourself.

7. As you go about your day, listen to your emotions towards different situations. If something is making you feel wonderful, listen to it and determine why. This is your creative whispers telling you that it wants more of this. Perhaps this is the path for you and is the answer to what you want. The emotional mind provides our thinking mind with feedback. Listen to the feedback by becoming aware of what your emotional state is during the day.

These 7 practices calm the mind, direct your thoughts and guide you toward what we all want, serenity, abundance, and the opportunity to share our gifts.

Sometimes a block comes up in the thought process. You’d like to move forward, but you’re doubtful, lack confidence, and avoid doing what you want out of some fear or other emotional thoughts get in the way. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis can help unblock and move you forward. If you feel this might help you, go to www.MasterJoyandSuccess.com and request a complimentary discovery call.

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