What I’m Working On – November 2022

Having launched my website, I’m now working on getting the word out, and we’re currently on Facebook, Instagram and setting up a business LinkedIn account. If you’d like to get inspiration and motivational tips, then follow Master Joy and Success on Facebook or Instagram!

What I’m really excited about though is that I’m working on developing a series of audio recordings. Hypnosis is such an incredible tool to manage and change our limiting beliefs. My hypnotherapy sessions provide a one-on-one customized experience to dive deep into a person’s inner belief system and then radically upgrade it to one of new beliefs, yet this process may not be for everyone and is limited by only those that work with me.

My goal is to help as any people as possible tap into their unlimited potential, desire and imagination and to do that, I needed to think broader, wider and easily available.

That is why I’m developing a series of audio recordings in three areas, hypnotic visualizations, statements of truth, and mediations.

I’m a firm believer that working with both the conscious and subconscious provides the quickest, easiest way to change. The hypnotic visualizations work with the subconscious and is tailored to specific emotional areas. The two audios I’m working on now deal with embracing uncertainty and believing in yourself.

Also in the works are complimentary statements of truth that are set to uplifting music. These statements of truth state many of the beliefs in the hypnotic visualization in a manner to listen to consciously while driving, walking or doing chores.

My hope is to develop and share with you 1-2 hypnotic visualizations and statements of truth audios and a meditation series monthly. I’m very excited to deliver these to you and a separate email will be sent when available!

Thanks so much for checking us out!

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