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What I’m Reading – November 2022

Currently, I’m reading several books, but one that stands out is called “The Magic of Believing – The Classic Guide to the Miracle Power of Your Mind.” It also includes a special bonus book, “TNT: It Rocks the Earth”. The author is Claude M. Bristol, and it was originally published in 1932. I find that I really enjoy the older self-development books and find myself drawn to them.

Within this book are time-tested, no-nonsense techniques that can help you accomplish all of your personal and financial goals. The book guides you through how the subconscious mind works, how everything begins with desire, and how to use it to harness unlimited power to create the magical life that you want. It goes into depth as to how to use your thoughts to achieve, and use the subconscious imagination powers to increase the effectiveness in all you do.

A quote from the book is at the core of what motivates all change –

“Desire is the motivating force of life itself. You see it all around you – in the animal kingdom, in all forms of plant life, and in all acts and operations of human beings. Hunger promotes a desire for food, poverty a desire for riches, cold causes us to desire warmth, inconveniences a desire for better things … So you must start with desire, keeping in mind that with the magic of believing, you can obtain what you picture in your mind’s eye.”

If you’re interested and seeking to be more assertive and influential in personal and business relationships and to apply the power of your subconscious imagination to overcome obstacles and bring to you what you most desire, then this book would definitely be a good read.

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