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Creating Boundaries for A Dynamic Life

Activate powerful new beliefs to stand up for yourself and stake your claim on where you put your energy, time and resources

Are you burned out as you play the rescuer and fixer for others while feeling frustrated that you’re doing too much for others and not enough for yourself?

When we have not created boundaries, we tend to get stepped on and sacrifice our time, energy, resources, and priorities for others. By living without boundaries, we deplete our resources and feel resentful, angry, and bitter that we don’t have time for ourselves to pursue our dreams and goals.

This audio replaces frustrated, shameful and guilty thoughts with new beliefs that support you to –

  • Prioritize and satisfy your needs, while being empathetic to others
  • Successfully set and maintain boundaries that others respect
  • Share with others what you will and will not do
  • Get things done on your list by saying no to others
  • Draw the line of what behavior you will tolerate and will not tolerate

As you listen to the upbeat, spirited, and inspirational truths, you’ll create supporting thoughts that can help you define and create boundaries that allow you to support your priorities, time, and energy, provide an appropriate amount of empathy, and share with others clearly defined concepts of what you will and will not do or tolerate. You’ll feel confident and secure knowing that you are in control of your life.

Length of Audio: 23 minutes