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Rewire Your Money Mindset

Activate powerful new beliefs to stand up for yourself and stake your claim on where you put your energy, time and resources

Do you blow through money, not being able to accumulate money and sometimes feel like you’re not worthy enough to find and keep money?

Your money blueprint is commonly set when you are very young. You were taught certain beliefs surrounding money, the wealthy, and if you were the ”type” of person that could or could not get and hold onto wealth. These beliefs follow you through to adulthood and play a significant role throughout your life as to whether you’ll succeed financially.

This audio replaces harmful, limited, and inherited thinking with new abundance and money beliefs that support you to –

  • Become comfortable receiving and giving money
  • Learn that money is good and can help others
  • Feel safe and secure knowing you can get and receive money
  • Understand you have the power to attract, handle, and manage money
  • Release negative thoughts about money

As you listen to the upbeat, spirited, and inspirational truths, you’ll activate powerful new beliefs that can help you think differently about money, become open to accepting and releasing money, attract prosperity, and transform your perspective and beliefs surrounding money. With the proper mindset, you’ll soon find and appreciate the abundance you have, and this attracts more to you.

Length of Audio: 19 minutes