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What I’m Working On – April 2023

Hi everyone! I’m feeling excited, impatient, nervous, and exhilarated my audio courses are about to be available. My team is finalizing the recording and the myriad details of getting the courses available on the website to ensure your experience is a smooth one.

A quick peek at what I’m offering –

There are two series – the first is called MindBeliefs. This series is an initial seven audios with many more to come. The MindBeliefs courses are a unique audio series that was created to support those who want to change their existing beliefs about themselves by tapping into the strength, imagination, and receptivity of the subconscious mind.

The audios combine four well-researched transformational strategies to support transformational change – deep mental and physical relaxation, visualization, hypnosis, and affirmations or statements of truth. This unique combination lets you connect with the imaginative, receptive, feeling inner mind to install encouraging, supportive thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

The MindBeliefs deep relaxation audios can be extremely effective at easy and effortless change as they work on the subconscious which is the level of the mind where inherited beliefs and negative labels and stories we tell ourselves are created and held. In order for change to occur, these beliefs, labels, and stories must be upgraded either at a conscious or subconscious level.

The second series is called MindTruths. MindTruths introduce new beliefs, behaviors, and ideas to your active mind so you can tell yourself a better story about an issue. Through consistently feeding your mind positive, new thoughts, MindTruths affirmational statements can slowly transform your thinking, mindset, and perspectives.

As you go about your day and the issue arises, your mind remembers the positive affirmation and can draw on this new information to create a new response. The result you get will be completely different as your response is positive and empowering. Although they are designed to be effective on their own, the MindTruths series work beautifully together with the MindBeliefs series which works with the subconscious mind.

I’m anticipating these audios to be available within the next month and will be sending out a separate email to you when they are launched! So excited, joyful, and feeling immensely accomplished and scared at the same time!

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