What I’m Working On – February 2023

All good things take time, energy, and a dose of love to develop. This last month and the following month will continue to be a time of creation and production. I’ve been busy as a bee as they say researching, writing, and rewriting the content and then recording and adding music to the products.

These offerings will soon be available on my website with the next step to collaborate with life coaches and social workers to expand these offerings to get into the hands of as many people as possible. My goal is to touch thousands of lives with the simple idea that transformation does not need to be difficult, it can be, easy, effortless, and enjoyable.

I’ve also got a new tagline to align this product business, “Empowering You To Thrive” with my website. There’s much going on behind the scenes from writing and producing the recordings, creating an online store called “The Mind Shoppe”, developing an affiliate program for coaches, and changing the website from a service business to a product business.

This is a very exciting and challenging process for me. I’m learning so much about my journey, drawing upon my experiences, and asking for courage and support to bring this dream to fruition. My excitement to share what I’ve been developing and producing with you is pushing me forward every day.

There will initially be 7 products in the Master Joy and Success series called MindBeliefs. These are approximately 30-minute recordings to listen to while in a deeply relaxed, meditative state to readily accept suggestions for upgraded and positive thoughts. These are meant to be used when you are able to sit quietly in a relaxed setting with no distractions.

The second 7 products will be in the MindTruths series. This series are affirmational recordings set to upbeat music and are complementary to the MindBeliefs series. The recordings are meant to be listened to while you are awake and can be used during your commute or anytime you want to be invigorated and excited. They subtly work through the power of repetition and positive emotion to turn negative thoughts into empowering thoughts.

And the last product is the course, Leap Into Your Fears. This course is a 12-lesson course that contains 14 plus hours of information plus worksheets and bonuses. It is a life-transforming class that teaches strategies to walk with fear and to view fear in a life-affirming mindset.

My goal is to roll out the changes to the website and offer the products by the next newsletter!

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Terri O'Brien

a strong, courageous, independent woman pursuing a dream that is taking shape to be filled.

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