Healing Forgiveness

Release grudges, forgive and begin the healing process to relax, transform and create space in the heart for love, joy and caring.

Do you feel stuck, unable to move forward because you’re not able to forgive? Going within, meditation, and reflection can help you release the past and see the brilliance of the present.

Each day, we can make ourselves miserable by holding onto a grudge or finding fault in another. Meditation allows the mind to slow down and focus on forgiveness, focusing on kind and open thoughts that are healing and allow us to move forward with our life.

Contained in this meditation series are three courses. The first, The Forgiveness Meditation, is a 12-minute meditative that allows you to forgive those people and instances that hurt you in the past. Forgiveness is a necessary step in the profession of personal achievement.

The second audio, Letting Go of Resentments by Forgiving Faults is an 8-minute mindfulness meditation that encourages you to let go of painful experiences and offer freedom to the heart and mind.

The third audio, Visualize A Fountain for Healing, is a 6-minute visualization meditation that invites you to feel, taste and luxuriate in the healing waters of a beautiful fountain. The audio is deeply relaxing and provides a washing away of worries to be replaced with feelings of being free, clear-minded and open

Use them together or individually to teach your mind to forgive, to heal, and to let grudges slip away to be replaced with beauty and openness.

Length of Audio: 27 minutes